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Instances Balancing Configuration

Introduction records the load balancing config among instances.


Basic configuration

Config Item Description
Version String
Verson of config file
Config Object
config of all clusters
Config{k} String
name of cluster
Config{v} Object
config of cluster
Config{v}{k} String
name of subcluster
Config{v}{v} Object
config of subcluster(a list of instance)

Instance configuraton

Config Item Description
Addr String
ip address of instance
Name String
name of instance
Port String
port of instance
Weight String
weight of instance


    "Config": {
        "cluster_example": {
            "": [
                    "Addr": "",
                    "Name": "example_hostname",
                    "Port": 10257,
                    "Weight": 10
    "Version": "20190101000000"