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Traffic forwarding

Traffic Forwarding

  • Step 1-2:DNS resolution

    • The hostname to resolve is
    • The translated IP address from DNS server is
  • Step 3:The client creates a TCP connection to on port 80 and send a HTTP request. The IP diagrams are routed to PoP of IDC1,and processed by the Layer 4 Load Balancer.

  • Step 4:The Layer 4 Load Balancer forwards diagrams to BFE.

  • Step 5:BFE receives an HTTP request and find a product for it:

    • BFE uses the HTTP Host header to find the suitable product.
    • In this scenario, assume belongs to product "demo".
  • Step 6:Based on routing rules of product "demo", BFE finds a suitable cluster to process the request.

    • In this scenario, assume the selected cluster is "demo-static".
    • See Traffic routing
  • Step 7-8:Based on balancing policies of product "demo", BFE selects a sub cluster and an instance within cluster "demo-static"

    • In this scenario, assume the selected sub cluster is "demo-static.idc1" and the selected instance is "demo-static-01.idc1" .
    • See Traffic balancing
  • Step 9:The request is forwarded to "demo-static-01.idc1".

  • Step 10:BFE receives a response from "demo-static-01.idc1".

  • Step 11-12:BFE forwards the response to the client via the Layer 4 Load Balancer.