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The endpoint /monitor/spdy_state exposes metrics about SPDY.


Metric Description
SPDY_ERR_BAD_REQUEST Counter for bad request
SPDY_ERR_FLOW_CONTROL Counter for flow control
SPDY_ERR_GOT_RESET Counter for gettting RST_STREAM
SPDY_ERR_INVALID_DATA_STREAM Counter for invalid data stream
SPDY_ERR_INVALID_SYN_STREAM Counter for invalid SYN stream
SPDY_ERR_MAX_STREAM_PER_CONN Counter for reaching advertised concurrent stream limit
SPDY_ERR_NEW_FRAMER Counter for creating frame failed
SPDY_PANIC_CONN Counter for connection panic
SPDY_PANIC_STREAM Counter for stream panic
SPDY_REQ_HEADER_COMPRESS_SIZE Size of request header before compress
SPDY_REQ_HEADER_ORIGINAL_SIZE Size of request header after compress
SPDY_RES_HEADER_COMPRESS_SIZE Size of response header before compress
SPDY_RES_HEADER_ORIGINAL_SIZE Size of response header after compress
SPDY_TIMEOUT_CONN Timeout of SPDY connection
SPDY_TIMEOUT_READ_STREAM Timeout waiting for reading stream
SPDY_TIMEOUT_WRITE_STREAM Timeout waiting for writing stream
SPDY_UNKNOWN_FRAME Counter for unknown frame