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  • Suppose our service has been attacked from a specific IP, or a specific API (such as issuing a voucher) has been maliciously called; we want to block specified traffic, such as:
  • block attack traffic comes from some fixed IP(
  • block attack traffic targeted at some specific PATH(/bonus)


Modify example configurations (conf/) as the following steps:

  • Step 1. Modify conf/bfe.conf and enable mod_block
Modules = mod_block   #enable mod_block
  • Step 2. Modify conf/mod_block/mod_block.conf and configure path of global ip blocklist and block rules
ProductRulePath = mod_block/

IPBlocklistPath = mod_block/
  • Step 3. Configure global blocklist (conf/mod_block/

Config ip address list, such as
  • Step 4. Configure block rules (conf/mod_block/
    "Version": "init version",
    "Config": {
        "example_product": [{
            "action": {
                "cmd": "CLOSE",
                "params": []
            "name": "block bonus",
            "cond": "req_path_in(\"/bonus\", false)"
  • Step 5. Verify configured rules
curl -v -H "host:" "http://127.1:8080/bonus"

The connection will be closed by bfe immediately.