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BFE Callbacks

Callback Points in forwarding process

The Callback Points in the forwarding process are shown below. BFECallbacks

List of Callback Points

There are 9 callback points in BFE:

  • HandleAccept: after TCP connection with client is established.
  • HandleHandshake: after SSL/TLS handshake with client is finished.
  • HandleBeforeLocation: before the destination product for the request is identified.
  • HandleFoundProduct: after the destination product is identified.
  • HandleAfterLocation: after the destination cluster is identified.
  • HandleForward: after the destination subcluster is identified, and before the request is forwarded.
  • HandleReadResponse: after response from backend is received by BFE.
  • HandleRequestFinish: after response from backend is forwarded by BFE.
  • HandleFinish: after connection with client is closed.

The definition of callback points is in /bfe_module/bfe_callback.go

Return Values of Callback Function

BFE takes different actions based on the return values of the callback functions. The return values and the actions are defined as follows:

  • BfeHandlerFinish: send response, then close connection.
  • BfeHandlerGoOn: go on to next callback function.
  • BfeHandlerRedirect: redirect directly.
  • BfeHandlerResponse: send response.
  • BfeHandlerClose: close connection without sending response.

The definition of return values is in /bfe_module/bfe_handler_list.go

Types of Callback Functions

The format of callback functions may be different for different callback points. There are 5 types of callback functions.

  • HandlersAccept: Handler for processing connection estalishment
  • HandlersRequest: Handler for processing request received
  • HandlersForward: Handler for request forwarding process
  • HandlersResponse: Handler for processing response received
  • HandlersFinish: Handler for processing connection close

The types of callback function are defined in /bfe_module/bfe_handler_list.go

The following describes each type of callback functions in detail

Note: For the meaning of type int in the return value below, please refer to "Return Value of Callback Function" section above.


  • Applicable callback points:
    • HandleAccept
    • HandleHandshake
  • Function prototype:
    • handler(session *bfe_basic.Session) int


  • Applicable callback point:
    • HandleBeforeLocation
    • HandleFoundProduct
    • HandleAfterLocation
  • Function prototype:
    • handler(req *bfe_basic.Request) (int, *bfe_http.Response)


  • Applicable callback point:
    • HandleForward
  • Function prototype:
    • handler(req *bfe_basic.Request) int


  • Applicable callback point:
    • HandleReadResponse
    • HandleRequestFinish
  • Function prototype:
    • handler(req *bfe_basic.Request, res *bfe_http.Response) int


  • Applicable callback point:
    • HandleFinish
  • Function prototype:
    • handler(session *bfe_basic.Session) int