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Management API

BFE provides a set of management APIs for metrics exposing, configruation reloading, debugging and profiling etc. It should not publicly exposing the APIs, keeping them restricted to internal networks.


Set management port in BFE core configuration file(conf/bfe.conf)

MonitorPort = 8421


All the following endpoints must be accessed with a GET HTTP request.

Path Description
/monitor Lists all the monitor categories. See System metrics
/monitor/{name} Returns the metrics information of the monitor category specified by name.
/reload Lists all the reload entries. See Configuration reload
/reload/{name} Reloads the configuration specified by name.
/debug/pprof/ See the pprof Index Go documentation.
/debug/cmdline See the pprof Cmdline Go documentation.
/debug/profile See the pprof Profile Go documentation.
/debug/symbol See the pprof Symbol Go documentation.
/debug/trace See the pprof Trace Go documentation.