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The endpoint /monitor/tls_state exposes metrics about TLS protocol.


Metric Description
TLS_HANDSHAKE_ACCEPT_ECDHE_WITHOUT_EXT Counter for proposing ECDHE without extensions
TLS_HANDSHAKE_ACCEPT_SSLV2_CLIENT_HELLO Counter for accepting SSLv2 client-hello
TLS_HANDSHAKE_CHECK_RESUME_SESSION_CACHE Counter for checking resume session cache
TLS_HANDSHAKE_CHECK_RESUME_SESSION_TICKET Counter for checking resume session ticket
TLS_HANDSHAKE_FULL_ALL Counter for full TLS handshake
TLS_HANDSHAKE_FULL_SUCC Counter for successful TLS handshake
TLS_HANDSHAKE_NO_SHARED_CIPHER_SUITE Counter for no cipher suite supported by both client and server
TLS_HANDSHAKE_OCSP_TIME_ERR Counter for ocsp time error
TLS_HANDSHAKE_READ_CLIENT_HELLO_ERR Counter for reading client-hello error
TLS_HANDSHAKE_RESUME_ALL Counter for resuming session
TLS_HANDSHAKE_RESUME_SUCC Counter for resuming session successfully
TLS_HANDSHAKE_SHOULD_RESUME_SESSION_CACHE Counter for resuming session by session cache
TLS_HANDSHAKE_SHOULD_RESUME_SESSION_TICKET Counter for resuming session by session ticket
TLS_HANDSHAKE_SSLV2_NOT_SUPPORT Counter for unsupported SSLv2 handshake received
TLS_HANDSHAKE_ZERO_DATA Counter for zero data
TLS_STATUS_REQUEST_EXT_COUNT Counter for request extensions