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mod_key_log writes tls key logs in NSS key log format so that external programs(eg. wireshark) can decrypt TLS connections for trouble shooting.

For more information about NSS key log format, see:

Module Configuration



Config Item Description
Log.LogFile String
Set file path of log for saving to a single file without rotation
Log.LogPrefix String
Filename prefix for log
Log.LogDir String
Directory of log files
Log.RotateWhen String
Interval to rotate log file
Log.BackupCount Integer
Max number of rotated log files


Save log to a directory

# filename prefix for log 
LogPrefix = key

# log directory 
LogDir = ../log

# interval to rotate logs: M/H/D
# - M: minute
# - H: hour
# - D: day
RotateWhen = H 

# max number of rotated log files
BackupCount = 3

Output log to stdout

# filename prefix for log 
LogFile = /dev/stdout