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SubClusters Balancing Configuration

Introduction records the load balancing config between sub-clusters.


Config Item Description
Clusters Object
cluster config
Clusters{k} String
cluster name
Clusters{v} Object
weight config for each sub-cluster
Clusters{v}{k} String
name of sub-cluster
GSLB_BLACKHOLE is the name of blackhole sub-cluster which discards all incoming requests
Clusters{v}{v} Integer
weight of sub-cluster
The weight should be [0, 100] and the weight sum of all sub-cluster should be 100
Hostname String
Hostname of gslb scheduler
Ts String
Timestamp of config file


    "Clusters": {
        "cluster_example": {
            "GSLB_BLACKHOLE": 0,
            "": 100
    "Hostname": "",
    "Ts": "20190101000000"