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Traffic tapping

Use packet capture and analysis tools to locate and analyze complex network problems

Traffic capture

tcpdump example:

# tcpdump tcp port 8443 -i any -s -w test.pcap

Traffic analysis

Plaintext traffic

Use wireshark to open packet capture file.

Ciphertext traffic

For TLS-based encrypted traffic, you can use mod_key_log and wireshark for analysis.

  • Step1: Enable mod_key_log module and save the TLS session key to key.log file
  • Note:modify bfe.conf and enable mod_key_log, See module configuration mod_key_log for details
Modules = mod_key_log
  • Step2: Set the path of the Master-Secret log file to key.log in wireshark
  • Note:Edit→Preferences→Protocols→SSL→(Pre)-Master-Secret log filename

  • Step3: Use wireshark to open and decrypt the captured data

WireShark decrypt https